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well, the title really says it all ;
since this group is so inactive, mostly due to my lack of activity [for which i apologize], what do you think we should do to get things moving along?

some suggestions are,,
- contest(s) (art, literature, etc.)
- roleplay
- book club
- other ?

one thing that i am definitely going to start up is an idea adapted from another group ( House-Of-Nighters ), which is to have weekly trivia questions.
basically what would happen is: a trivia question will be posted weekly at a recurring day & time (tba). the first three group members to correctly answer the questions will receive a sort of prize involving having artwork added to this group's gallery for an increased audience.

sound good?

- please give me your thoughts on all these things and hopefully we can get this group moving, even though it's harder since the series we are based on has ended. nevertheless, our lives haven't completely ended, so, we will make this work!

thankyou all so much !

This is the fourth and, unfortunately, the final installment of Claudia Gray’s series, Evernight. Basically, it follows the life of Bianca Olivier, an unusual vampire in the sense of how she was born. She falls in love with a human vampire-hunter at her school, and they end up together after many lies. The third book, Hourglass, ended on such a suspenseful cliffhanger that I pretty much died after reading it last March. It ends with Bianca dying and becoming a wraith, the equivalent to a ghost, and Lucas in the transitional phase to becoming a vampire, the one creature he was brought up to hate.

Afterlife was a really good read. Throughout the whole book, I couldn’t help but hope that somehow Lucas would learn to come to terms with his new life, just as Bianca had adjusted to hers. And the story continued along that path. Amidst the gripping plot, in which an evil vampire headmistress and a mysterious ‘head wraith’ needed to be confronted, Lucas and Bianca continued to express their undying love for each other in a way that didn’t want to make me gag, like Twilight. With Bianca’s exclusive supernatural abilities and so many allies standing by her, she met Christopher (the ‘head’ wraith) and found out what Mrs. Bethany’s (evil vampire headmistress) plans were.

Once the final battle was over, a rather shocking twist occurred, one which I have seriously mixed views upon.

Bianca is able to restore Lucas’ humanity and make him human again… even though she’s a fucking ghost !

Having something to do with their love and the bond which was forged earlier when Bianca was still a vampire, Lucas is ‘restored’. Whoop-dee-doo. I’m kind of angry about this because of the injustice, which is in fact plainly stated in the book by Bianca’s mother.

“‘It’s so unfair. That you can give life to someone else, but you’re a wraith forever.’”

EXACTLY! Lucas pretty much was let off the hook. I honestly would’ve preferred if Bianca sacrificed herself to restore Lucas, as per Mrs. Bethany’s plan.

So that’s my angry view. On the other hand, I’m a sucker for happy endings. This ending in particular came with a bunch of loose ends which oddly make the conclusion more appealing. Questions as to Lucas and Bianca being able to reproduce for example have me picturing them as a happy family… with a ghost for a mom. Either way, I’m glad that they ended up together, even though aging is going to be a major issue. Now, if Lucas was guaranteed to become a wraith when he died, then I would be satisfied. But he’s not. So I’m not completely.

All in all, Afterlife was, just like the previous novels, fantastic. I was unable to put it down and went to illegal lengths to obtain the book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys The House of Night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast. If you are a fan of either of L.J. Smith’s series, Night World or The Vampire Diaries</i>, I would also urge you to give this series a try.

:bulletblue: original post found @ my Tumblr
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Welcome to Evernight Academy !

welcome to Evernight Academy !

we are a fan group dedicated to the amazing vampire novel series by Claudia Gray.
this is an excellent series, mostly because of the intense forbidden romance in the story; one of the best i've read.

i'd recommend it to anyone, and i am able to send the first novel in e-book format to anyone who wishes to give the series a try.

the first 2 out of the 4 novels (as far as I know) are available on anyhow.

please, invite people to join, and thanks for visiting !









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